Heating & Air Conditioning Kelowna

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Commercial & Residential Service

Planned Maintenance

is the backbone of our business. Done right, it can prevent interruption of service & extend the life of your HVAC systems. We use only hi-efficiency progressive density air filters to ensure comfort & overall system efficiency.

HVAC Service

Even with proper Planned Maintenance, equipment will sooner or later experience trouble. When this happens we respond in a timely & professional manner, with well stocked service trucks & an experienced mechanic.


An average lifespan for HVAC equipment is 25 years. As it ages repair costs rise & efficiency drops (just like your car)- we recommend a pro-active approach with phased replacement of older HVAC equipment. Call for pricing.

IAQ Testing

Indoor Air Quality is a growing concern. With the realization that we work & live inside spaces that can become unhealthy, have come new IAQ guidelines. We offer testing using certified & calibrated instrumentation.

System Commissioning & Start Up

Today’s HVAC equipment can be quite complicated. As with any complicated equipment, a proper start-up & commissioning is critical to longevity & efficiency.


Direct Digital Controls (DDC) offer advanced control of HVAC equipment. We supply & install LonWorks based control systems. The Benefits of LonWorks are many, however as the end user perhaps the most important difference is that LonWorks are open systems – you are not locked into a relationship with a single vendor.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Projects

We have completed several VFR projects using both Mitsubishi & LG products. These systems incorporate previously unheard of high efficiencies & superb zone control.

CO/Propane gas sensor service & calibration

Regular service & recalibration can extend the life of these important & costly controls “Poorly calibrated CO/propane sensor can  increase energy costs significantly due to unnecessary operation of garage exhaust fans , they are an essential component of many commercial HVAC systems”